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Accidental Death Insurance

March 8, 2012

accidental death insurance

Life insurance is not high on the list of priorities for most people, but it should be. Even if you are fit as a horse and young, accidents can still happen. It’s important to stop and consider what will happen to the loved ones you leave behind. Will your family have the money to pay for your funeral and burial? Will your widow be able to care for your children? How will a business partner manage without you? These are factors you need to consider before deciding that insurance isn’t necessary for you. Traditional term life insurance will pay if you die due to natural causes or an accident. However, if you are interested in lower premiums, then an accidental death insurance policy might be the right choice.

Accidental Death Insurance  – Limited Benefits

Term life will usually pay death benefits regardless of the manner of death. Some policies exclude suicide, but they will release benefits for people who die of illness or old age as well as accidents. Accidental death insurance policies will only release benefits if you die as the direct result of an accident or are dismembered in an accident.

Direct Results by accidental death insurance

The dismemberment or injury must be the direct result of an accident. If you are killed in a car accident, the policy will pay your beneficiary. However, if your death is not directly related to an accident, then your accidental death insurance company may not pay the benefits. Most policies also specifically exclude accidents that occur during risky activities like skydiving, bungee jumping or car racing.

The primary benefit of accidental death insurance is that it’s very affordable. Premiums can be as low as five dollars a month, so there really is no excuse to not have at least this much coverage, particularly if you are young and in good health. On the other hand, term life insurance that will cover death from any cause is also very affordable when you are young and health. An adult male in his twenties with no history of smoking or health problems can easily find a policy worth $250,000 dollars for about twenty dollars a month. Before opting for accidental death insurance, take the time to get quotes on complete term or whole life insurance. You may be surprised at how affordable the coverage is.

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