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Affordable Term Life Insurance Coverage

August 6, 2012

Affordable term life insurance

How Much is Affordable Term Life Insurance Coverage?

If you ask people from the streets if they believe they need life insurance coverage, chances are more than 30% of them will say that they do. But out of this 30%, less than half of them will really get life insurance. Their number one reason for not even asking for a quote? They think it is too expensive.

Get affordable term life insurance

How expensive is expensive? You may be surprised at just how affordable term life insurance can be. What the public believes the price is For example, if you ask a person how much a $250,000 coverage for a 30 year old person is, studies have shown that they think it may cost them $400 PER YEAR for the next 20 years. This is wrong.

The rates are just around $150 per year because remember, if you start early, you can really get those affordable term life insurance price tags. What is the actual price? This actual price of $150 per year can be easily achieved by saving up through the following ways: Reducing your intake of specialty coffee – instead of every week, just do it 3x a month for a year. This MAY save you around $80 a year already, half of the insurance price tag. Taking one less cab ride per month for the whole year – this can actually cover your affordable term life insurance plans already. It is NOT expensive at all! As you can see, if you break down the amount, it is not expensive at all.

You may not even resort to quarterly payments (which will slightly balloon the amount that you will be paying for). If you pay annually, the rates will be lower and it will be less of an issue for you in terms of paying on time, fearing for policy lapses etc.