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Final Expense Insurance

March 8, 2012

Final Expense Insurance: Burial Expenses to Consider

final expense insuranceThere are several options available to choose from when you are ready to invest in life insurance. You may be familiarwith burial protection policies that will cover the expense of your funeral and burial. However,  expense insurance is a better choice that will provide you with a little more coverage.

Funerals are costly, but final expense insurance will make it easy for your loved ones to pay for your casket, cemetery plot, funeral service, minister, transportation and associated legal fees. These expenses can add up, leaving your family facing a heavy burden. With face values ranging between ten thousand and twenty-five thousand dollars, these fees can be covered by final expense insurance.

Fast Payment for Final Expense Insurance

Traditional term life policies can take weeks or even months to issue a payout, but your family will need funds immediately to cover your burial costs and other fees. Final expense insurance features fast payouts. Beneficiaries usually receive a check within 24 hours of death, so they will have the money in hand to get your final expenses taken care of.

A Step Beyond

When you choose burial expense coverage, the coverage will only cover the actual expenses. Final expense coverage provides your beneficiaries with a check for the face value of the policy. Funds leftover after the funeral is paid for are available for your family to use in any way they choose. You can invest in burial coverage for the cost of the funeral plus a final expense policy to help them pay off other bills.

Layered Coverage

There is no limit to how much insurance you can have. Final expense insurance is very affordable and would be an excellent addition to a traditional term life policy. The fast cash payment will allow your family to deal with their immediate concerns and expenses while waiting for the larger check to arrive from your term policy.

There are many benefits to choosing final expense insurance. Your family can never have too much protection, and having this money immediately available can help them deal with this very difficult time. Don’t leave anything to chance, and do not leave your family wondering how they will pay for your final expenses if something should happen to you. Investing in life insurance will protect your family and provide you with peace of mind.

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