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Florida Life Insurance Quote GUL Benefits

April 15, 2012

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If you have made the decision to get a Florida life insurance quote today, you have made a wise decision. Life insurance provides your family with financial benefits after you pass away.Death benefits may be used to help families maintain their current lifestyle as well as to fund future plans like a college education for the kids. After making the decision to get a Florida life insurance quote, however, comes the task of deciding what type of life insurance policy to get. There are many benefits associated with a guaranteed universal life insurance policy.

When getting a Florida life insurance quote, you will notice that guaranteed universal life insurance is more expensive than a term life policy. However, once you understand the benefits a guaranteed universal life policy has to offer, you may determine that the additional cost is well worth paying for. A term life policy will expire at the end of the specified term length, which typically is between ten and thirty years. Unless death benefits are awarded, it will expire without you receiving any benefit or payout. A guaranteed universal life policy, on the other hand, will never expire.

Guaranteed universal life insurance is the least expensive way to own a permanent life insurance policy. A guaranteed universal life insurance policy will pay the face amount to it’s beneficiaries no matter what age the primary insured dies. The death benefits will be in place as long as the premium is paid, so you have control over how long you will have death benefits.

It is important to get a Florida life insurance quote as early in life as possible. Rates for life insurance do increase as you get older. So there is no better time than right now to get a florida life insurance and lock in your rates.

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