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Florida Life Insurance Quote for Seniors

June 12, 2012

Getting a Florida life insurance quote today is the first step toward ensuring your spouse and other family members are well-provided for after your own death. Nobody likes to think about their death, but it is a fate everyone will meet at some point.

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Most older Americans purchase term life insurance to cover a specific need. Many also purchase guaranteed universal life insurance policies as the least expensive way to have a permanent policy last the rest of their life. Older Americans are either concerned with protecting their income for a few years, or leaving a legacy behind for their family. Guaranteed universal life insurance is not meant to build cash value, but it is the least expensive way to have a policy last the rest of their life. Other older Americans opt to purchase final expense policies to cover burial expenses only. A Florida life insurance quote is a first step toward providing your family with the financial means to live comfortably after your death, to leave a legacy to your loved ones or to cover funeral expenses.

When you get a Florida life insurance quote, your first decision will be whether to purchase a term life, whole life or universal life insurance policy. A term life policy is generally the most affordable option. A whole life or universal life insurance policy will accumulate cash value over time. These key difference should be compared against your own reasons for purchasing a policy, as one type of policy may be more well-suited to meet your goals.

When getting a Florida life insurance quote, you also will need to determine how much coverage to purchase. The greater amount of death benefits you purchase, the higher your premium will be. However, you also want to consider how buying a certain level of death benefits would provide financially for your family. Some families are able to invest death benefits in an annuity or dividend-producing stocks to create a source of income. Others may pay off debts, such as the mortgage on their home, to decrease monthly expenses. There are many strategies for using death benefits. Be sure you consider the options carefully and discuss why you chose a certain amount of death benefits with your loved ones.

You can easily get a free Florida life insurance quote today. After getting a quote, you can see how affordable it is to purchase the coverage you need to provide for your family after your death or leave behind a legacy.