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Alabama Life Insurance


Why do Alabama residents need Alabama Life insurance?

The statistics alone are enough to make residents realize why securing an Alabama Life insurance policy is so important. Out of fifty U.S. states, the state of Alabama actually is ranked at number forty three for states that have an average life expectancy of slightly over seventy four years. Every group of one hundred thousand Alabama residents will likely have around one thousand or so pass away sometime between the ages of fifty five and sixty four. When looking at figures for ages that range between sixty five to seventy four, the figures almost double! This means that for every one hundred thousand residents in this later age range, over twenty two hundred will pass. When looking at the range of ages between seventy five and eighty four, over five thousand residents will pass each year. The state of Alabama actually publishes such information on their health statistics website. Anybody that is curious about shopping for Alabama Life insurance can go to this site to learn more about mortality rates and how they relate to age, race and even sex; the leading causes of premature death can also be found there.


The specifics regarding Alabama Life insurance

As with many other states, the state insurance code regulates the industry in the state of Alabama. This group exists for the sole purpose of regulating claims and also protecting consumers in the state of Alabama as they buy such policies. Some of their provisions are rather interesting to consider.

There is naturally a free look provision that is included with every plan that is sold within the state. This free look can allow a consumer to change their mind after buying; this is true even if the policy contract has already been signed by said consumer. The majority of companies have some sort of a ten day cancellation penalty, which allows people to cancel without being penalized in any type of way. Some of the more generous companies extend this penalty free cancelation to around thirty days. There is also a grace period in the code that allows the firms selling these policies to allow thirty days of grace for any consumer that is paying his or her policy late. Under this rule of the code, the company has to allow grace, despite the reason that the consumer might be paying late. Under this part of the code, the company providing the policy is also not allowed to cancel it on the consumer.

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