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Life Insurance Daytona Beach

March 19, 2012

Organization doesn’t end at the office. It’s important to get your personal life in order, and that includes your final plans. It’s normal to put this off, because most people don’t want to consider their own mortality. However, taking the time to get life insurance Daytona Beach and write out a will make a huge difference to your family should you die unexpectedly.    


Investment on life insurance Daytona Beach

Most people do not view life insurance Daytona Beach as an investment. However, there are a few insurance options that build cash value and will create a handsome return for you. Regular term life insurance pays only if the insured dies during the term period. The rates are low, but there is no return on your money if you live beyond the initial term. Return of premium term life insurance Daytona Beach is a different program. If you live beyond the fifteen or twenty-year term, the company will pay back your life insurance premiums that were received over the years. The benefit amounts tend to be a little lower, but these policies are a great way to enjoy all the benefits of life insurance without feeling guilty over the premiums.

Guaranteed universal life insurance is another excellent option if you are looking for an investment. This life insurance Daytona Beach has higher premium levels because a portion of every payment is invested on your behalf. There is a great deal of flexibility in the premium levels you will pay, what the benefit amount will be and how much money is invested every month.

Term Limits

Every policy for life insurance Daytona Beach comes with term limits. Most people who get insurance when their first child is born will choose a twenty-year term. This provides coverage until the child reaches college age. Term life and return of premium term policies both offer term limits of ten, fifteen or twenty years. If you want permanent coverage that will stay with you through old age, look at guaranteed universal life policies that will remain in effect until you are 100 or even 120 years of age.

Both Parents

The younger you are when you purchase life insurance Daytona Beach, the more affordable your premiums will be. The coverage is important to protect your family and provide for them if something tragic should happen to you. In addition to insuring yourself, your spouse should also be insured. Even if you have a wife who stays home and cares for the children, she should have life insurance to cover the high expense of daycare in her absence.

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