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Life Insurance Jacksonville

March 21, 2012

When you are ready to invest in life insurance Jacksonville, it is important to know what the available options are. Choosing the right policy is important for your budget today, your finances tomorrow and your family’s future if you should die from illness or an accident.


Affordable life insurance Jacksonville Today

Term life insurance is the most affordable choice when you need life insurance Jacksonville. Terms are usually for fifteen or twenty years, and benefits are only paid if the insured dies from an accident or illness. Some policies will also cover suicide, but others will not. Of the available options, the premiums for term are the lowest and they offer high benefits levels. The one drawback is that there is no refund of premiums if you should live beyond the benefit period.

A Handsome Refund

Another option for life insurance Jacksonville is return of premium term insurance. This insurance also features a set term, usually of only fifteen or twenty years. Premium levels are a little higher, but you will receive a refund of premiums if you survive beyond the state term. Many people consider this coverage a sure thing, because your family will receive a death benefit payout or your will receive a refund when the policy expires.

Lifetime Coverage

Life insurance Jacksonville isn’t just a good idea for your family right now, but it can also be part of your estate planning. The proceeds are not taxable, making it attractive for people who are trying to avoid heavy estate taxes. Guaranteed universal life insurance Jacksonville will continue to cover you until age 100 or even age 120. Regardless of how old you are or how seriously your health may decline, the coverage will remain intact. Favored by older people, it can be used to provide for the grandkids or even the great-grandkids. The premiums are higher, but the permanent coverage is very attractive.


Term life insurance Jacksonville provides you with valuable peace of mind, but you will only receive a payout if you die during the coverage period. Return of premium life insurance is a better choice if you are looking for an investment. When the period ends, you will receive a lump sum, which you can then invest or use to pay off bills. However, the greatest investment is guaranteed universal life insurance. A portion of the premiums is invested, and the policy will build cash value which you can draw on to handle financial situations that will arise over the course of your life. offers free quotes on life insurance Jacksonville. Designed to help you find the best rates without spending all day making phone calls, we work with fifty different life insurance providers. You can easily find the right company for your needs, the coverage you need and a price you will appreciate. When you are ready to make this investment, visit us to review the fantastic rates that are available to you.