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Life Insurance Tallahassee

March 21, 2012

There are several reasons to invest in life insurance Tallahassee. A valuable protection for your family, it will allow you to sleep better at night, knowing that your family will be financially prepared in the event of something tragic. However, it can also be an estate planning tool and even part of your retirement plan.

Safety Net for life insurance Tallahassee

Social Security doesn’t provide very much, and you want to know that your family will be able to cover the bills and stay in the home they love if something happens to you. Life insurance Tallahassee can provide you with the safety net you need. Choose a coverage level that will allow for paying off the mortgage, eliminating other debts and even covering college expenses for the kids. It’s a safety net for the family, and you will rest easier knowing that you have it.

Estate Planning

Life insurance Tallahassee is not subject to taxes, so your beneficiaries will receive the full benefit amount. This means that it can be part of your estate planning. Leave money to the grandkids without worrying about estate taxes. Reaping this benefit requires investing in guaranteed universal life insurance. This permanent coverage will protect you until age 100 or possible even the age of 120, so you will not have to worry about outliving the policy. The premiums are higher, but they are invested and the policy will start to develop a high cash value that can be left to your heirs, used to pay premiums or withdrawn and used while you are still alive.


A relatively new option for life insurance Tallahassee, return of premium term insurance features the best of both worlds. Available for fixed terms like regular term life insurance, this type of coverage guarantees a payout for your or your family. If you die during the benefit period, your family will receive the death benefit. If you outlive the policy term, then you will receive a rebate of your insurance premiums. It costs slightly more than traditional term, and the coverage levels are usually lower, but the lump-sum payment at the end of the term can be used for paying off bills or investing in your retirement.

It is important to cover your family with life insurance Tallahassee. It provides a safety net for your family financially, and it can be used for retirement or estate planning. It’s important to get the best possible rates on life insurance Tallahassee, and can help you find the lowest premiums. Once you enter your information in the system, you will receive multiple quotes quickly and easily, allowing you to make the best choice possible regarding life insurance Tallahassee.