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Your Questions About No Medical Exam Life Insurance

October 1, 2012

Donald asks…

I’m looking for a good no medical exam life insurance company, not sure which one would be a good pick. ?

Anyone online is using a company now that you like please let me know.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

e-life answers:

Speak to a agent. They will quote you realistic rates from over 50 carriers based on the face amount you are looking for, the term of coverage, your health and other factors. An agent can assess your situation and find a policy that fits your need. Some companies offering no medical exam life insurance are Assurity Life, Fidelity Life, Transamerica and Presidential Life. The company an agent will recommend will depend on your age, amount of coverage requested and your health. No medical exam life insurance policies do have their limitations in the face amount offered. The maximum amount of coverage you can get from one carrier without a medical exam is $350,000.

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