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Term Life Insurance Quotes

August 23, 2012

Protect Your Future with Term Life Insurance Quotes

There are people that feel term life insurance quotes are unnecessary. There are others with first hand experience of this extremely important financial product, and know how it can save a family from financial distress. For those who are still hesitating to get free term life insurance quotes, you may be able to get a lesson or two from our dear homemaker, Carly.

Her story and how it can be YOUR story…Term Life Insurance Quotes

“My husband and I married at a young age of 21 – we thought we were prepared to be parents and conquer the world together! Back then, we were focused on buying the necessities – a suitable home, comfortable living for our future kids and save some money for sight-seeing. 

Then our eldest son, David, was born. Raising a kid in San Francisco, California, is not the cheapest thing in the world. And soon, I found myself thinking, what if something happens to my husband? How will I be able to support my child? This is when we started shopping around for term life insurance quotes.

We just got a small life insurance policy, something that we can easily afford. I knew I would be unhappy if the plan lapses while diligently saving for it. After twenty-five years, my husband was diagnosed with a heart condition and surgery was required. Yes, he is till alive and we are enjoying our lives together. At the time I was scared terribly. Our future was uncertain. What if my husband doesn’t make it? How will our family be supported? Thankfully my husband recovered, but his heart condition is still an ailment. I know that if he were to apply for life insurance today, he would potentially be declined. Since my husband was approved when we were younger, we had the ability to convert a portion of his term policy to a permanent policy without underwriting.” Carly Smith

Lessons from Carly

This situation and potential to never have adequate life insurance was avoided by starting early. When you get term life insurance quotes early on and buy a policy, you are protecting your future.  

Life insurance is the least expensive when you are younger, and most people are approved quickly. Carly and her husband had time on their side when they decided to buy coverage at an early age. You can do the same by requesting term life insurance quotes today.

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